Aerial Imaging Services - Aerial Imaging by Tracie & Greg Drayer
  • Aerial Imaging Services

We offer limited aerial imaging services for your needs in:

      - Nature photography
      - Architecture
      - Landscaping
      Special Moments (e.g. aerial family photos for Christmas postcards)
      - Real State
      Inspections (aerial photos of roofs, gutters, chimney exhausts)
      - Preparedness

Services include:

      - Photo capture
      - Image processing
      - Video capture (no audio)
      - Video editing (no audio)

Products are:

      - High resolution 12 Megapixel photographs (4000×3000 pixels)
      - High-definition 2.7K video at 30 frames per second and 40 Mbps

Products provided are licensed for the following uses:

      - Furtherance of your business
      - Additional post processing is allowed
      - Photogrammetry
      - Personal use


      - Depends on the application area and effort needed.

All flights are planned and conducted to comply with or exceed FAA regulations on commercial small Unmanned Aifcraft Systems (14 CFR part 107).

For questions or more information, please send us an e-mail (write at Contact Us at the top right).